Which 1 Cup Coffee Maker Should I Get?

So you are looking for a 1 cup coffee maker? Then you've come to the right place! We've looked at all the 1 cup coffee makers and drawn up our shortlist of the top models based on price, functionality, and of course the price and variety of the pods.

Of course there are 1 cup coffee makers which don't use pods and we'll include one of them too (the others didn't make the grade) but the pod ones are so easy to use, there is no fuss, no big cleaning operation afterwards, and no waiting, you just pop in your pod, make sure it has water, and away it goes!

Here are our top picks and why:


Best Overall 1 Cup Coffee Maker (pod variety) - Keurig B60

The Keurig B60 has a little of everything. It uses the Keurig k-cups as the pods which means you get a huge range to choose from and at good prices too. It gives you 1 cup of coffee fast (less than 60 seconds). It does require 4 minutes to heat up the tank before it can start churning out those speedy coffees, but you can set it to come on in the morning so it is heated ready for your morning cuppa.

The B60 looks good (although not as good as the Senseo below) and more importantly it gives you a range of options to adjust your cup of coffee to your taste. You get 3 cup sizes to choose from, a small cup (5.25 oz), small mug (7.25 oz) and a large mug (9.25 oz), as there is the same amount of coffee in each k-cup (apart from the 'extra bold' varieties) then changing the cup size down makes the brew stronger, and changing it up makes it weaker. You can also choose between a 187 degree brew and a 192 degree brew depending on your preferences.

So it is this ability to adjust your brew, combined with the amount and quality of pods, and the great reviews it has from hundreds of people on Amazon.com, that grabs this our top place.


Best Value 1 Cup Coffee Maker (pod variety) - Senseo SL7810/65

The Senseo is a great little machine, while the B60 will set you back $140 - $160 usually, then the Senseo comes in at just $49.99 (at the time of writing with a 23% discount) so that means this is incredible value for money!

The machine also looks stunning, the B60 is more bulky, but this is very stylish and a joy to behold with tired eyes in the morning. It has a smaller water tank than the B60 though, at 20 oz instead of 48 oz, and the biggest difference between this and the Keurig is that you can't tweak your cup in anyway, so you can only get a difference in your brew by using different pods. This won't matter to lots of people, but it held it off the top spot for us as sometimes you want a weaker or stronger brew depending on your mood.

The pods are high quality Douwe-Edberts ones, and in terms of price then they are roughly the same as the k-cups, what it does lose out on though is variety, the k-cups have really taken off and there are hundreds of different kinds, but these coffee pods are more exclusive and there is just a small selection.

The reviews for it are great though, so it is still a good choice if you don't mind the lack of variety or options, and at that price it is a bargain!


Best non-pod 1 Cup Coffee Maker - Black&Decker DCM18S

The DCM18S is not a pod coffee maker, you make coffee the traditional way with a filter and ground coffee. But it IS a 1 cup coffee maker, and what is surprising... is the price... at under 20 bucks then this is the cheapest we've ever seen!

Yet the reviews for it are great, it does what it is supposed to do, brew a big 15 oz cup of real coffee into the travel mug provided. Don't expect fantastic coffee, and there are no options to choose from or anything fancy, but it does the job at an unbelievable price.


Runner Up 1 Cup Coffee Maker (pod variety) - Keurig B40

This is the baby brother of the B60 and I thought I'd give it a mention as it was a close call between this and the B60 for the top spot. This uses the same k-cups so you get that huge variety, but you get less options to tweak your brew, in fact you only get a choice between a 7.25 oz mug and a 9.25 oz mug, and there is no temperature adjustment. Plus you get a smaller water reservoir.

But it is also cheaper, coming in usually at under $100. So if you don't want all the extra options of the B60 and want to save some money but still have access to that huge range of coffee pods, then this is a fantastic choice to make.


So there you have it, the Keurig B60 comes out as our top 1 cup coffee maker, but the Senseo is also a great choice if you are looking for more style but less control over your brew, and it looks fantastic too, either one would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.


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